Why Network Marketing is a Big Picture Answer

Plan B - oder?Let’s communicate plainly and straightforwardly right from the outset here. If you read the title of this post and rolled your eyes, just give me a chance – stay with me and keep reading just a little further. If you’ve had a bad experience and are closed on this subject, just think about love, marriage, friendship, work, business, family or even just going for a drive down the street. I’m sure you’ve had a bad experience with every one of these, too. You got over it and maybe it was your fault, maybe it was someone else’s fault, who knows these things and who cares! We’re adults and that’s life, stay with me.

If you can do with an extra $200, $300, $400 or even more each week, then this post is for you. If you’ve got all the money in the world or you’re genuinely happy with the money you make and do not desire being your own boss and living your life on your own terms instead of someone else’s, then I’ll admit – this post is not for you. You’re a special individual and my hat goes off to you. For the rest of you losers, read on in misery, doubt and cynical irritation.

Network Marketing, like everything else on this Earth is not perfect. Furthermore, some people make stupid claims and yes, even lie, as does the Prime Minister, your boss, your mates, partner, neighbour, customer and everyone else alive on this planet at the moment with very, very few exceptions. You get over it every day. Okay – sometimes it takes you two or even three days because you’re that pissed off, but you get over it. Sometimes its your fault and sometimes its someone else’s but who keeps track of such things and who really cares, right? That’s life, stay with me.

You hate getting up early, when its still dark, doing the same thing every single day. Going to the same place every single day. Looking forward to the weekend every single day. Dealing with people you don’t like, doing work you pretend to be interested in, faking it the whole time, whilst kissing ass like the best of them. You know what I’m talking about, the fake laughs to the right people’s jokes. And all the while, you’re going slightly mad.

You get home and are so zombified that you can’t even communicate transparently with your partner and kids. You’re just pissed off all the time and there’s never enough money to pay for all the bills and crap you buy to escape the life you hate so much. Your life, the trap you’ve found yourself in and now you can’t get out. Some days you just feel like crying. How did it ever get to this? And yet the whole time, you smile and put on a performance Al Pacino would be proud of, holding up the Academy Award to a standing ovation of adoring fans and another $25 million in the bank for that year.

This post is not for Al, however, its for you. Hear me out, its not like you’re going to be Network Marketing by the end of this post. Take a chill pill and relax, I’m not here to scam you – the mainstream system has already done an exquisite job of that with you and everyone you know. Nice job Mr Rothschild! You must love it when your slaves cry pyramid, sitting at the top of yours, with that all-seeing-eye. Anyway, this post isn’t about mentally ill Illuminati bankers who dream about owning the world and everyone in it. This is about finally building up the courage to admit you could do with an extra $200, $300 or $400 a week. Is this making any sense? McFly? Is anybody home?

Its a different way. A different path and it takes some time to get used to. Remember when you fell off your bike and everyone laughed. You got over it, right? Cause if you didn’t and you’re still going on about it, you’ve got issues! Remember when you didn’t get the joke and everyone thought you were stupid? That was embarrassing right? But you got over that one, too. Well, this is similar. How’s this for embarrassing, not being able to take your wife and kids out for dinner and a movie cause you can’t afford it? What about driving that bomb your getting around in with the bald tyres cause you don’t make enough to drive safely to and from work on a rainy day? What about those maxed out credit cards you’re constantly asking your friends and family to lend you money for so you can meet the repayments? Why are you dreaming of a better life and doing absolutely nothing about it?

You don’t have to act  like you’re in a cult to be in network marketing. You don’t have to make a fool of yourself and lose all your friends. You don’t have to act like you’re a brain-washed idiot, peddling products you don’t even care about. That’s not network marketing. I know these things happen and our profession has its issues but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’ve had a bad experience, grow a pair and get over it. If you’re not afraid of hard work and commitment and you’re honestly prepared to stick to it for a year, then its time to open your eyes and open your mind. There are companies out there who network with respect and dignity. It may be time for you to find one and get on with it. You just might make a life for yourself that you love and adore, after all – you deserve it! Okay, I’m leaving you alone now. Thanks for staying with me to the end and sorry I had to put you through such a hideous ordeal. Hopefully you’ll get over it! LOL! Have a great day…


Personal Purpose, Growth and Answering the Call

Chair on Dock at Alice Lake in Late Afternoon

As soon as I typed out the title, I knew I’d checkmated myself. A blog post on purpose, growth and answering the call? Trilogies could easily fall short in attempting to answer such things and as usual, I’ve willingly put myself in a position where I’ve bitten off monumentally more than I can chew. So my question has literally become rhetorical and this post itself an answer to itself, in real time! A classic case of staring into the abyss and it staring straight back. Confused? Great, it’s the best place to line up at the starting line, amongst the very best and sincerest of company.

Let’s start with personal purpose, shall we? A subjective path, cut up an objective mountain. Your path can only be cut by you and the direction of the path is taken by the choices you make and your intentions, driving such choices way beneath the surface. If you thought you were going to get an easy read here, think again and much deeper. If I have to bite off more than I can chew by writing this, then you also have to bite off more than you can chew by reading it and then pondering it. It’s only fair, dear reader!

So in the absolute simplest of conceptual ideas, our personal purpose for being here is to make choices. Consciousness making choices. This process is fractal in nature and we can observe this wherever we choose to look for it. We can call this process evolution. There is a certain energy flowing through all things that generates internal and external pressures for choices to be made so the entire system improves. Nothing escapes this process. Anything that refuses to fulfil this most basic purpose, ceases to exist. Choices are made and learning happens. This learning ”happening” all over the place is stored and shared throughout the entire system. Making choices is why you’re here.

You’re not meant to make the right choice but you are meant to make a choice. In making the choice, either way you learn or unlearn. Some people think this is all too hard and the universe somehow owes them something so they get all upset about making choices and having to learn so they just stop doing it. You can spot one of these a mile off and my advice to you is to stay away from these people for now. You’ll get your chance to help and guide further up your path, if that’s the off-ramp you choose to exit.

By making choices and learning from those choices, we grow and this is where it all starts to get interesting. In just the same way there must be a wrong choice for a right choice to exist, there also must be shrinkage for growth to exist. Yes, you can and will go backwards, to go forwards. Its the only way. Still confused? How’s this one then – you have no choice but to express your free will choice cause that’s how this game works and there’s no way out of it. Feel better? I thought so.

Make choices, learn and grow, in order to make choices, learn and grow. In the process, make good choices, bad choices, learn, unlearn, go backwards, go forwards and on it goes. Everything animate or inanimate is governed by this process in varying degrees of limitation. A human is much less limited in making choices than a spider but the process is still the same. In the same way, a spider is much less limited in making choices than a blade of grass but the process is still the same. Change, is indeed the name of this game and the label marked on the lid of this petri dish we call existence.

The more our choices help others make choices and our learning helps others learn, the more we fulfil our purpose, which brings me to answering the call. It’s easy to get all caught up in me, me, me and lets face it, the vast majority of us spend an entire lifetime snared in this trap. Although its easy, there’s not much learning or growth that happens there. Instead, there’s flexing and posturing in the mirror, constantly blowing kisses into the reflection and thanking itself for being so damn good. There’s the abyss again, what’s the reflection and what’s real? Can you turn your back on the mirror in the face of such magnificence? Do you want to? There’s so many others trapped and not enough helpers who are willing to make the choice to answer the call. Ready to bite off more than you can chew? Your move…

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my post. I appreciate it a lot. See you soon.


Big Picture Tips to Help You in Your Little Picture Daily Life


It’s always a challenge when blogging or posting on social media to resist the temptation of dishing out something that will rack up a heap of ‘likes’ as opposed to sharing what the real intention is, behind the information. I’ll take the high road here and choose the latter, with the intent to help you make some serious changes for the better, if you’re so inclined or open to it. As with all my posts and blogs, this is a sharing of my first hand experience and is not a collection of opinions which I’ve garnished from a bunch of authors with a whole lot of letters after their names.

My name is Michael and I work in the security industry in Australia as a manager and on weekends I work as a humble security officer looking after a couple of buildings. My wife works in hospitality and together, we have two kids – Alexander 8 and Nikita 5. It’s important that I share this with you because this information is more important than the fact we save $1,000 a week just about religiously, week in – week out! Why is this so important? Well, if a couple working in security and hospitality can save $1,000 a week, with two kids, then guess what? You can, too! It’s also important that I point out, just because we’re doing it, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to achieve the same, nor is it a guarantee that if you try, you’ll have the same results. We both know this is obvious but one must always tread carefully on a path where snakes lurk.

This post may be a little longer than normal so grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea or whatever your favourite drink is. If you’re the type of person who gets upset easily or dislikes hard truth, you may want to pour yourself a double whiskey on the rocks for this post! Okay, let’s take the first step together – sacrifice, long-term staying power and consistency are the means of winning in this game. I know, I know – you already know this. Yes, you do but this is not about knowing it. This is about you learning how to do it, firstly and then learning how to be it! So, if you’re a smoker and you simply can’t give up the smokes, the probability of you succeeding in this game is very low indeed.

Giving up smoking and building a huge savings account fast is the same behaviour. Sacrifice, long-term staying power and consistency. It’s so simple that the vast majority can’t accept that its just that easy. Why? Because that’s how herd mentality works. Here’s a straight up hint, if you want to give up smoking then stop. Right now, done. If you can’t accept this and feel anger welling up inside you as you read these words then you’re not ready to walk this path, yet. Your intention leads everything else and defines who you are and what world you live in. If your intent is to give it a try but give up at the first sign of challenge, then you’ll fail. If your intention is to actually put out this cigarette and never light up another one, no matter what then the probability of you winning has just sky-rocketed.

As individual free-will, choice-making sparks of consciousness driving our bodies around each day, who we are and how we live is statistical in nature. Let me explain, what happens to you in the next moment is based on the statistics of the choices you’ve made in all the millions or billions of past moments and which ever is the most probable next moment, will be. This is how the game works. Take a moment to get your head around that. The second you impose your will through your intent, to do something like give up smoking right now, the probability of it happening has just increased exponentially. After a month of giving up the smokes through sacrifice, long-term staying power and consistency, the statistical nature of your internal and external environment has been altered. If you intend to put the money away that your saving by not spending on smokes anymore then the probability of you winning at this is high because as each moment clicks by, you’re maintaining the sacrifice, long-term staying power and consistency of not smoking thus its most probable you’ll build up savings faster than you thought possible because your intent has changed the statistical probability outcome of your reality.

It’s a positive reinforcing feedback loop in the sense that it makes you stronger the more you engage your intent in improving the quality of your own consciousness as well as your living standards! Giving up smoking, building huge savings buffers, being loyal to your partners, family and friends, treating others with respect, helping people out whenever possible and stopping yourself at 3 or 4 drinks instead of 10 or 15, is all the same behaviour. Its all the same choice and this choice is the choice to take the high road instead of the low road. Its the choice to live a life of purpose instead of a life of convenience and perpetual entertainment or distraction. Sacrifice, long-term staying power and consistency expressed through pure intent changes the statistical probability of your next second’s reality and the one after that, and the one after that!

So forget the herd and what they think, assert or attempt to manipulate you with through their low road convenience and laze. You can save $1,000 a week if your intent is pure enough. Start by changing your statistical probability by engaging sacrifice, long-term staying power and consistency in some little areas of your life, straight away. As you do so, the probability of you achieving your ideal goals from second to second will keep increasing because you’re creating higher success statistics in your immediate past thus affecting the probability of your immediate future. It happened to me and is still happening to me and will continue to keep happening until I depart this game. The same is true for you.

Building savings is crucial because it takes you out of the daily dog-eat-dog, pay-cheque to pay-cheque struggle that of course, puts a negative spin on your spirit and intentions. I mean, we’re all only human in the end – how much can we take in such an environment? We must break free of such a place so we can actually find ourselves and connect with the hero within us so it has a chance to speak. But that’s another subject for another post. I think you get the hint.

So have the courage to dream and believe you will achieve it. Have the spine and heart to expect it! But at the same time, have the guts and honesty to not expect it for free because that is just childish and we both know it. So make the sacrifice and keep sacrificing for a long enough time frame, consistently until the big rewards start knocking on your door. With the right intent in your heart, you can change everything with an incredible bang in a short period of time, if you’re serious in winning the game instead of just giving it a go with the intent of just giving up at the first sign of challenge or difficulty! So get to work on your weekends and save that money! Quit the smokes and save that money! Quit the McDonald’s and KFC convenience and save that money! Take lunch from home every day to work and save that money! Quit buying all the chips, chocolate and sugar water and save that money! Why are you waiting for mummy to do it for you? What do you think the world owes you? So you’ve been through hard times and life is unfair? Get over it champ – you’re the only one who can make this happen so get up off the ‘woe is me’ deck and stand up straight, look the world dead in the eye and now smile! Yeah baby!

Just do it! You don’t need to know how. Go and you’ll be shocked at how quickly you’ll have the cash on hand to start your dream business and change everything. Just be committed to good old-fashioned hard work and guts! Forget the funky Facebook Ads promising huge wealth by being lazy and doing nothing. Leave that to the herd, they’re good at that but you, you’re on the high road now, on a journey of discovery up the mountain path. If you see a struggling security dude, breathing heavily and slowly putting one foot in front of the other, then say hello – its probably me! I look forward to sitting down with you and taking a breather together, I’m sure our stories will have many similarities we can have a good laugh over. Until then, keep laughing at yourself as you keep fighting to stay on the high road! See you soon…


How to Use the Big Picture to Save $50,000 in a Year!


Her brown eyes regarded me with passionate curiosity, a twinkle of cheeky joy sparkling like Venus above the ocean on a crispy clear, dark dawn. ”A thousand dollars a week in savings! Really? Tell me?” She moved like a cat as she crawled over to me and sat beside me, embracing me with her arms and kissing me on the side of the head. She whispered in my ear, “That’s $50,000 in a year, are you serious?”

As I heard her whispers, it sounded insane – $50,000 in savings in a year, and yet something inside me had changed and I just knew we were going to do it. From the second I laid eyes on her, I made an instant decision that she would be my wife, that this was the woman I’d spend the rest of my life with and have a family with. Our family. So I stood up from the table I was sitting at with my girlfriend and walked over to the table where Trace was sitting with her boyfriend. I sat down at her table and started a conversation with her, right in front of her shocked boyfriend.

As you can imagine, my girlfriend was horrified and all my mates watched on with a mixture of terror and absolute disbelief. I was causing a massive scene at this party. Yet I was calm and at total peace. Something inside me flared to the surface and I just knew it would all work out and we’d be together. There was an incredible storm and some horrifying turbulence immediately following that conversation, that we both had to get through, but it was worth it. It was so worth it! In both little picture scenarios – deciding to save $50,000 in a year and deciding to strike a conversation with Trace at the party, it was big picture intent that made it possible.

Attempting to save $50,000 in a year sounds crazy, I agree. So does leaving your girlfriend at the table and openly chatting up another girl in front of her boyfriend and everyone else. Totally crazy, I know. And yet, in both cases because the intention was clear and strong. The end result was sealed before the first step towards it was even taken. That’s how intent works. It leads everything else and once we start living with intent, it changes everything and its so damn simple! The concept goes like this – Win First, Fight Later.

First comes the decision to win. First comes the intention to win. Without this intent, we lack the power of the Big Picture – the long-term picture. Most of us are stuck in the little picture – the short-term picture that tells us, this is too hard and taking too long – take the low road, the short cut, the quick solution. That’s life today and its totally killing our intentions. The truth is, there is no short cut, easy road or quick solution when it comes to achieving real success. There is only the high road, the tough road, the long-term road that we commit to walking for the rest of our lives with the intent to never stray. That’s the only thing missing from most of our stories and when we hear of some stunning success or victory and we wonder how it happened, at the very core of it, is the intent to walk the high road with long-term commitment.

The reason its so critical to develop a habit of strong savings, consistently over time – is it forces Big Picture thinking. Let me explain. Learning to build savings over time is the same as learning to stay loyal to your wife or husband. It’s the same thing as learning to be a good friend. Its the same as learning to quit smoking or quit pumping a large portion of your pay packet in the pokies while your wife or husband and kids stay at home waiting for you. Its no different to learning how to be a good parent or how to provide for your family. Learning to build savings fast, forces Big Picture thinking and this leads to long-term vision. Long term vision that in turn, leads to personal growth.

We can’t think like everyone else if we don’t want to end up like everyone else. We have to engage in behaviours that may seem crazy to everyone but that craziness is just Big Picture Vision being observed by little picture eyes. Of course sacrifice looks crazy to little picture eyes, I mean, why would you want to work seven days a week for a period? That’s crazy, right? Why would you work seven days a week when you’re in debt up to your eyeballs, living beyond your means and have people calling up and knocking on your door cause you can’t pay your bills? Crazy, right? Nuts! I know, just ignore it and keep cruising – surely someone else will come to the rescue and fix it all for us…

If you’re intention is to save $50,000 in a year and you’re willing to sacrifice and pay the price, then you’ll do it. If, however, your intention is to give it a go, you’ll fail at the first fork in the road and take the shortcut. Why? Cause its easier and your intent was just to give it a go! That’s no where near good enough for a huge result like saving $50,000 in a year. Intent + equivalent Sacrifice + Consistency + Long-term = Result. I+S+C+L=R. It’ll take anyone in the world less than five minutes to learn this short equation to memory and understand what it means. Only the intent of doing it and being it, however will work its magic and change who you are and how you live, forever. It’s really that simple, and the rest is up to you.

I looked deep into her eyes and lost myself for a minute in the sweetness of her warm embrace. I was so thankful to the universe for that instant of pure intent that allowed me this magnificent experience with the woman of my dreams and the mother of my babies. I caressed her soft face and kissed her on the nose, “I’ve never been more serious in my life, Trace. We’re gonna save $50,000 in the next twelve months and then we’re going to show everyone exactly how we did it.” She squeezed me tight, ”You’re my hero!” I stood up in a Superman pose, she crash tackled me to the ground UFC style and as usual, it all ended in hysterical laughter…

My name is Michael and I’d like to thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this blog post. I’d like to add a quick note here, that Trace and I work in hospitality and security respectively. We do not hold any university degrees, so anyone, especially you, can do the same if not better than what we’re doing. I+S+C+L= R really works! Hope to see you back again soon, so I can share what we’re up to now, fourteen months later! Have a great day and go crazy!


How I Saved $10,000.00 in Ten Weeks. My Big Picture Intention to Save My Family!


In October of 2013, I was renting a house in Sydney’s St Ives. The rent was $800.00 per week. I had a huge accumulation of bad debts I was paying off and at forty one years old, I had no assets, a badly impaired credit file and was sinking fast. I was living pay-cheque-to-pay-cheque and had much more in expenses than I did in income.

I still remember the moment clearly. A friend of mine, a successful businessman had just given me a talking to about my financial situation. He calmly and caringly slapped me in the face metaphorically, and told me in no uncertain terms, to wake up and get myself together. With a stern yet genuine concern for my future, he told me I should have $25,000 in savings by now and should be living in our own home. He told me I now have a family to think about and needed to protect their future.

I was mortally wounded, because I knew he just served up some home truths. Home truths nobody had ever told me before and he observed me closely to see if I was willing to eat it all up and digest it! The drive home was one I’ll never forget. Alone and in pouring rain, I drove slowly through the night, crying like a baby. The immense urge to cry was shocking as I let it all out. I drove and cried my heart out, uncontrollably. I did not stop crying until I pulled in the driveway at St Ives.

I cried because of the gut-wrenching heart-break I felt at letting my two little babies down, letting my wife down and letting my Dad down. So many people who loved me and looked up to me so much. Loved ones who relied on me – had been put through massive prolonged struggle, because of my failure to save money! The bills just kept piling up and I was failing my family. I kept seeing my kid’s faces in my mind and I couldn’t bare it. I was ashamed and embarrassed but I accepted it because I knew my friend had told me the truth.

A couple of days later, after being tormented day and night by my troubled mind, I sat bolt upright from sleep at around 3am. In that exact instant, I decided my family would never again live the pay-cheque-to-pay-cheque struggle. I decided that I would do whatever it took to save money, buy a house and then help people who were in the same boat as me get the hell out of that boat – forever! So I worked Monday to Friday as an Operations Manager for a security agency. I also took on every Saturday and Sunday as a security guard, thirteen hours a day. I took on some extra work on weekday evenings, helping a friend with his business, as well. In the blink of an eye, I had increased my earnings by more than 50%! I quickly realised the critical importance of peak mind-state and decision with strong intent!

My wife Trace also took extra shifts and we worked so hard that people around us became concerned. We set a pace that seemed insane to others. People were telling us what we were doing was impossible and could not be sustained for long. In short, with a weekly total living expense of over $2,000 – we managed to save $10,000.00 in ten weeks! So even though our expenses were over $2,000 a week, we still managed to save $1,000 a week for ten straight weeks because of a small shift in mind state, a correction in attitude and a no-compromise decision to make it right!

I can’t give away too much here because this is the story of how I came to be where I am now, about to launch the biggest project of my life. Although I’m still six months out from launch – there’s no way I could have come this far if I did not engage in a savings strategy that allowed me and my family to save more money a week than some people earn! Stay tuned, as I outline exactly how I did it and the good news for you, is I’m no Einstein! I’m as average as they come…

Anyway, I love the fact that you’ve made the time to read my blog – it means the world to me so thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you again soon.



Big Picture Relationships Build Big Picture Results


People feel safe in an authentic environment where relationships are built and maintained on a platform of something more than the superficial making of money online or in a network marketing organisation. There are far too many so-called leaders out there advocating a posture of not being emotionally involved with their team members or worse still, preaching peace and love in front of a crowd, yet unscrupulously leaving a trail of human destruction in their wake as they build a team based solely on the mentally ill addiction to become filthy rich at all costs.

In a network marketing or traditional business environment, people are the greatest assets by far. If you’re interested in building a huge down-line that will provide your family with a residual income and lofty bonus cheques then it would do you no harm in investing time and effort into treating people with respect, love, warmth, empathy and caring. Its such a simple process to live by, yet hardly any of us truly make the effort and focus our intent on practicing these greatest of human values.

Whether online or offline, being a real person who actually enjoys building relationships and spending time with people, pays huge dividends in and of itself. I observe two of my leaders and great friends of mine, Yossi Lavy and Basil Alatli who I’ve only met twice each in my entire life. Yet, I’m very close to these two gentlemen because I value them as people, along with the rest of the team. We’re all very close friends. We trust each other and are in contact almost exclusively once a day, at least. Both gentlemen live around 1,000 kilometres away from me yet the geographic distance is overcome with authentic care for each other as mates as well as business partners.

By investing time and effort in telling the truth, being transparent, sharing experiences and actually caring for the best interest of people in a very real sense, we guarantee our long term success in this business. By committing ourselves to personal development in this regard, we really do grow as people and leaders and actually begin to attract others into our team, as willing volunteers! A team full of loyalty, love and respect for one another will by its very nature, produce a high ratio of leaders. Just the same, a team full of hate, jealousy and envy for one another will by its very nature, produce a high ratio of back-stabbing time wasters who spend more time hating each other than producing wealth.

The techniques and skills we all need to master are part of the little picture and are actually easy to learn. Its basically a matter of repetition with a mentor to correct our trajectory up the mountain path to success. Package the first two or three steps to fast success in a turn-key launch prototype and you’re in momentum. But this is all short term, isn’t it? Momentum can run out of puff as quickly as it builds up so its not the start of momentum that’s important. Its the maintaining of momentum over the long term that brings success and this is best practiced with big picture vision. Indeed, the correct mix and fusion of the big picture and little picture, creates an environment where people who trust, love and respect each other can win big time in the sweet air of authenticity and genuine teamwork.

So the next time you’re tempted to invest all your time in little picture techniques of how to do this or that in the least possible time with no effort, take a deep breath and count to three. Then instead, make a commitment to love people a little more and to be patient with them and exercise a little more discipline when you’re frustrated. Make a commitment to help them, care for them and give them what they need to get to where they want to go. Do this consistently over the long term and these activities will put a Porsche 911 GT2 in the driveway of your new mansion on the beach, if that’s what you dream of. I know its what I dream of, but first I dream of putting Ferrari’s, Lamborgini’s, and Bugatti’s in the driveways of Yossi’s and Basil’s Mansions – because they’re two of my best buddies and I’m dedicating myself to their success! Here’s to you, Yossi and Basil!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog. It means the world to me.


Big Picture Thinking vs Little Picture Thinking


There are two types of people in the world, those who can take a good drenching on a rainy day in their stride and literally see the bright side of it and those who see the immanent collapse of life as we know it because of some rain droplets. Yes, believe it or not there are people out there who smile and continue singing along to the music in their car when someone pushes in front of them and then there are those who get out of the car at the next set of traffic lights and portray a flawless performance of a silverback fighting for its life against an armed squadron of crack SAS troops.

There are many names we can give these two types of people. Leaders and followers is a great place to start. By realising the world is comprised of these two different types of people, we’re able to both communicate our message as well as deploy our intent, to the right place and person at the right time. Little picture thinkers or followers require their hands to be held most of the time and are almost exclusively only capable of seeing the world through their own eyes, motivated by their own perceived gain in every situation. This makes them cumbersome as they lack big picture instinct, intuition and wisdom, especially in an environment where many people are involved. Little picture thinkers find it confusing when they see a big picture thinker engaged in ‘giving’ postures or attitudes instead of ‘taking’ behaviours and thought processes.

We live in a little picture world, and as a result, little picture thinkers often make logical sense where big picture thinkers seem to engage in ‘old world’ wisdom that doesn’t always seem to fit. A little picture thinker will say something like, “Why are you going out of your way for this person when you’re getting nothing out of it?” The same person will then give a passionate sermon on the fact that nobody cares anymore because he was stuck out in the rain on the side of the road with a flat tyre and nobody stopped to help. The straight up funny side to this is, no connection will ever be made or understood, thus the circus music continues to play and bozo keeps running around in circles entertaining the crowd. Even some of the kids get it!

So where are we going with this? Before the big picture thinkers like you and I, who know better than everyone else – pass judgement on the little picture thinkers – let me tell you what just happened to me. Mid way through writing this blog entry, I started craving for the Spanish omelette I’ve got in the fridge downstairs. I was picturing a nice big piece between two slices of multigrain bread and I could just taste it! Writers block took hold so I grabbed a quick break at the end of the second paragraph. With stomach rumpling and a light head, I made my way downstairs, thinking about my first bite the whole way. I arrived at the fridge, by this time I had a roaring lion in my stomach and I started to quickly prepare the mighty sandwich. That’s when it happened! I noticed with horror that the bread was covered in mould! How was I going to eat this Spanish omelette without bread? I’m a Spaniard, I can’t eat without bread! I found my clenched fists beating on my chest feverishly and just then I thought I saw an SAS trooper run past the window! ”I’ll show them, I’ll show everyone what happens when they mess with me! Who’s fault is this? Wait till I get my hands on – ROOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!”

What was I blogging about again? That’s right! Okay, you get the picture, yes – the little one, anyway – we’re all in this little picture together and nobody is immune. Even the great big picture thinkers like JFK, Malcom X and Gandhi were stuck in the little picture until they departed this world. When building a team, coaching an entrepreneur or communicating a marketing concept to an audience, remember that we’re all little picture bozo’s but we also crave big picture truths and are deeply inspired by it. JFK, Malcom X and Gandhi will live on forever because of their big picture beliefs and the fact they were prepared to die for this. Teach your team the difference between little picture and big picture thinking and you just may find yourself with a few independent thinkers, who can deal with a rainy day, mould on their bread or even burning the garlic bread, whilst wearing their wives sunglasses in their pyjamas, giving peace signs with their kids!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this. A big picture hug to you, for no apparent reason! Now go and have yourself an awesome day!


The Little Picture Trap


All too often, its so easy to fall for the little picture trap. We all do it and for those of us in marketing, branding, team building and coaching, the primary foundation on which everything else is built on, is reality.

In simple terms, if I say you should be honest and transparent in everything you do then I myself, must be honest and transparent in all my marketing, branding, team building and coaching activities. Furthermore and much more importantly, I must be honest and transparent in myself, my life and the greater reality.

If we’re going to postulate that a large portion of leadership learning is experience-based and founded on the age old principle of service, meaning that the leader of all is the servant of all, then we had better make sure that we’re serving others in our own lives as a consistent reality. No strings attached, no smoke and mirrors and no small print.

If we’re going to wave our finger at others and teach that humility is a grand leadership trait then we ourselves had better be humble in our day to day lives – for real! This may be raising a few eyebrows and tilting a few heads in confusion as it seems far too simple. It does, doesn’t it? And yet, its one of our biggest pitfalls and so many do fall into this pit!

Our little picture activities like earning a living are subsets of a greater superset within the big picture. Such big picture soul programs as love, caring, selflessness, humility, helping others and in general adopting a giving attitude instead of a taking attitude all filter down to the myriad subsets of the little picture activities we engross ourselves in. Thus, by working on the big picture soul programs, the subsets are automatically evolved as a direct and fluid consequence, updated in real time.

So if you’re looking to increase your little picture ability to earn a higher income per week, you may be looking in the wrong place for the answer. Obviously, with sharper little picture training and education, we can increase our earnings ability to a degree but the quantum leaps definitely take place in the big picture because that’s the engine room of our intentions. Yes, being is far more important than doing. Get the big picture ‘being’ right and the small picture ‘doing’ automatically updates and works at a higher level.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.